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To help you navigate and decide which parts and accessories are needed for your systems please take a minute to review our “TAN at a Glance” information sheet.

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4000 -T-PRO Applicator


4000  T-PRO Applicator with Teflon Coated Gravity Cup 

* Lightweight
* Elegant and Professional
* Exclusive spray pattern adjustment control at your fingertips

The T-PRO Applicator is elegant and sleek in appearance. There is nothing quite like it. This high quality professional non-bleed applicator is intended to spray for hours on end. Equipped with a center mounted gravity solution cup for better balance. This 3oz gravity cup is Teflon Coated which means no rust or stain markings. The T-PRO™ is 20% lighter for easy maneuvering and less fatigue for the user. An exclusive side mounted Fan Adjusting Control located at your fingertips. Aircap head has been specifically designed for this Tanning Applicator. Other features include stainless steel fluid components, adjustable fluid control, easy pull trigger and ergonomic Stay Cool Handle™.  Excellence in Canadian Technology.

A first-rate and elegant choice for any spray tanning technician.




7350 for web


TAN7350 Applicator

This applicator is sleek and durable. It features an adjustable Pattern Control knob located on the back just above the fluid knob. This allows you to easily change the Fan Pattern from wide to narrow. The Duck Bill installed under the lid of the cup acts as a one way valve preventing solution from entering the pressure tube. Maintenance is as easy as 1-2-3. Since this Applicator is a Bleeder Style, the technician can use this Applicator to blow-dry clients. Spray pattern (Fan) is easily set to be approximately 4″ from the optimum distance of 6″ away. For a smaller size fan – to spray lower arm and wrist for example – simply turn the pattern control knob. The handle is an ergonomic insulated handle that never gets hot and fitted with an 8oz plastic bottom feed cup.





7400 for web


TAN7400 Applicator

This applicator is lightweight and comfortable to hold. It has stainless steel needle and nozzle components. This easy to use feather light spray gun requires little maintenance and less disassembly when cleaning. Bleeder Style Applicator.

Holds up to 10oz of tanning solution within the attached cup.




XT-TAN Gun-Black

9300-G75 XT Tan Applicator with Gravity Cup – Discontinued Item:

The 9300-G75 was the first gravity tanning applicator launched by Fuji Spray several years ago.  This non-bleed Applicator is all metal and includes a 3oz side-mounted gravity solution cup. Other features include stainless steel fluid components, adjustable spray pattern and fluid control knobs. The Stay Cool Handle™ never gets hot and remains cool even when spraying for hours on end.

Several design improvements were made over the years when considering the next generation of Tanning Applicators.  Please see T-PRO Applicator for the latest in high quality tanning equipment.







Part #9080 – 250cc Mini 3-Cup Sets: This 250cc miniature cup assembly fits the 7000-MC and TAN7350 Applicators.  Supplied with 2 extra cups and 3 heavy-duty lids equipped with gaskets. This assembly is lightweight taking weight off the wrist. The cup is pressurized so the spray pattern is always perfect.

Part #9811 – Single 250cc Mini Cup with Lid: This 250cc miniature cup assembly fits the 7000-MC and TAN7350 Applicators.



8245T 3oz Teflon Coated Gravity Cup for web


Part #8245T – Teflon Coated 3oz Aluminum Gravity Cup with lid.  The new Teflon coating means no rust or stain markings inside your cup.  This cup is for the 4000 Applicator.

Note:  For the older style side mounted cup for 9300-G75 Applicator, please refer to Part # 8075ST




7400 Cup with lid for web


Part #7430 – 300cc cup with lid for TAN7400 Applicator ONLY. This solution cup holds up to 10oz of tanning solution.






Part #2025T-5 – Pressure Tube/ Check Valve:  For Fuji M-Model and TAN7350 Applicators. Pressure tubes with check valve installed. Available only in packs of 5. These tubes fit M-Models Applicators and TAN7350 Applicators. If clogged, the check valve cannot be taken apart; however, they can be soaked in thinner for up to 30 minutes to free any blockage.



5135-5 Duck Bill Pressure Tubes for web


Part #5135-5 – Pressure Tube and Duck Bill for the TAN7350 Applicator (5 pack). The fujisprayTAN duck bill located under the cup lid replaces the external check valve. This duck bill acts as a one way valve preventing solution from entering the pressure tube.





8181ST-3 Gaskets


Part #8181ST-3 – Pack of 3 Black Gaskets for 3oz Gravity Cup – 9300-G75 Applicator

8181ST-3 Gaskets


Part #8201ST-3 – Pack of 3 Gaskets for 250cc Bottom Feed Mini Cup – 7000 -MC & TAN7350 Applicators


7417-3 Gaskets


Part #7417-3 – Gaskets for TAN7400 Applicator. Pack of 3 gaskets.





2048ST-Tan Whip Hose-Black


Part #2048ST plus Part#2046– Whip Hose 10ft Black: Lightweight 10ft. hose is highly flexible. Couplings are made from a glass fiber-reinforced polymer. Takes weight off the wrist and the flexibility allows for effortless maneuverability of the applicator.





Part #2046 – Quick Connect: Threads onto male end of hose allowing quick insertion and release of gun.



Part #7224-2 Filters for 2100 & 4100 miniTAN PLATINUM™ ONLY:

These Turbine filters fit the miniTAN PLATINUM™ Turbines only. These miniTAN PLATINUM™ filters (7224-2) are available in a 2-pack and have the shape of a hand, rather than a square.

Please Note: For previous model (Pre-March 2017) square shape miniTAN filters, please see part #4009-2

4009-2 Filters


Part #4009-2 for 2100 miniTAN & 4100 miniTAN (Pre-March 2017)  :

These Turbine filters fit the miniTAN (Pre-March 2017) Series. Coarse filter goes on the right hand side (as seen when looking at the front of the case) fine filter on the left. It’s a good idea to have spare filters on hand so you can rotate them after cleaning.



Part #5029 for 2150 salonTAN & 4150 salonTAN:

This Turbine filter fits the salonTAN Series. Always ensure that upon installation, the filter fills the whole filter enclosure and is flush with the bottom of the case. It’s a good idea to have spare filters on hand so you can rotate them after cleaning.


7440 FilterPart #7440 for hvlpTAN Turbines:

This small round Intake filter fits the hvlpTAN turbines only. This round filter is located on the underside of the Turbine. Simply pinch the filter in the centre and remove. It’s a good idea to have spare filters on hand so you can rotate them after cleaning.