FujiSprayTan | Starting a Spray Tanning Business

Getting Started


For the past few years the spray tanning business has become extremely popular. Largely attributable to the fact that spray tanning is a fast and effective alternative to UV tanning.  This is true specifically for those with a busy and active lifestyle and for those who cannot or choose not to UV tan. Another big reason is due to tanning systems becoming more economical and costs being fairly low, particularly if you start a mobile spray tanning business.

Just remember your success in the spray tanning industry will depend on you and your hard work. Discipline, direction, drive and desire are your key ingredients to success.

Think about the many benefits of Spray Tanning vs. UV Tanning….Spray Tanning is safe, inexpensive, instant and quick to apply not to mention all the beauty and healthy reasons.

If you look great, you will feel great! Awareness and education are key!  Knowledge is power!

Once you have the desire to succeed the next step is to be prepared with the right tools and understanding of the industry and materials currently available.

Below is a guideline of what you need to start…

  1. Know what your business is all about…
    Spending several hours researching what spray tanning is all about is essential. Look at videos, read a few articles and blogs, look at photos and images. The more you know about your business the better you will be at educating you clients.
  2. Choose your equipment
    If you are starting out there is no need to break the bank. Consider a system that is light and durable especially if you plan on going mobile.

    • The hvlpTAN LITE™ or GLO™ is the perfect system for those Starting Out or on the Go!
    • If you already have a few clients and need something more durable the Fuji miniTAN™ is the right system for you.
    • Those who are looking to start as a spa or salon owner will then need something quieter; The Fuji salonTAN™ System is the perfect unit for you.
  3. Purchase your Kit
    Get the tools and material you need to start…

    • Tanning Tent,
    • Extraction Fan
    • Disposable Products (Hair nets, latex gloves, sticky feet, face masks)
    • Tanning Solution and Lotions
      • Certain distributors may offer sampler kits that will help you choose the right solution and lotions for your business, especially if you want to use products that are 100% organic or natural based. Experiment and Practise!
  4. Get Trained
    There are several training programs available for spray tanning. Find the one that fits your business and gives you the training you want. A spray tan training course can help you understand skin preparation, important ingredients and application of the solution. You get the tips and techniques on how to spray tan from a reliable source which will benefit you in the end and help you speed up the learning curve.
  5. Calculate your Costs…
    • Research and look around local salon and mobile spray tanning businesses to see what the “Market Cost” is for a spray tan. Never cut yourself short, charge what you should be charging and not what you think you should in order to get more clients. You can always offer an introductory discount or package deals at the beginning.
    • Understand what your daily, monthly, yearly expenses are and keep track of them.
    • If mobile remember to keep track of your gas and car expenses including your mileage and your insurance to file on your taxes at the end of the year. These expenses are important also in the pricing of your services.
    • Keep a list of supplies and costs. Being organized will help you determine whether your overhead costs are in line with your pricing.
  6. Market your Business…
    Think hard and long on your advertising budget. No matter how small or large your budget is you need to spread the word.

    • Ask yourself some the following questions…
      • Where do my clients shop?
      • What do they read?
      • Where do they go?
    • Then go ahead and advertise your spray tanning business in local online directories, in local newspapers and on bulletin boards everywhere. Create a profile on social media sites e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.  Even consider starting a website.
    • The most important step towards success is to build up your clientele. A good clientele will take you at least a year to build but start with friends, family and colleagues. Spread the word at school, church or community functions.
  7. Customer Service…
    Great Customer Service is key, especially one with a SMILE. Your customer service will determine whether or not your business is a success, so SMILE! Being friendly and knowledgeable about your products will assure customers that you are a professional and ensure repeat business.

Being your own boss and earning some income with flexibility is something we all think about and can be achievable with spray tanning as long as you are determined to work hard to succeed!